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MSIH Hockey Registration Now Open


MSIH House League, 18U Travel, High School and Adult Level registration is now open for registration for the 2013-14 Season. Please click to learn more about each level and registration.

Mid-South Ice House Hockey is here!
Mid-South Ice House is very excited to announce the opening of hockey registration for the 2013-2014 hockey season.  House League, High School, 18U Travel, and Adult hockey are now scheduled and set to begin. Our Jr. Riverkings Select program will be announced in the coming weeks. As previously mentioned, we are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Total Package Hockey (TPH) and what that partnership is going to do for our hockey program.  We plan to do a lot of new things this season including the formation of All-Star teams for all divisions within our House League.  These teams will allow kids, who have the skills and are motivated to play at a competitive level, the opportunity to do so.  We will also have hockey clinics led by TPH’s staff of professional hockey instructors.  Our goal is to make hockey fun, while also developing our players and coaches.  Utilizing the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM), our players will become much more skilled, our coaches will become better instructors, and everybody will have a lot of fun.  For those players who also desire personal instruction, we will be offering private lessons led by our Director of Hockey.             
Registration Information
Registration with both Mid-South Ice House and USA Hockey are required prior to a player taking the ice (USA Hockey Registration must be completed online).  On-site Youth Hockey Registration will be offered during the following scheduled times: 
  • Wednesday September 4th 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday September 5th 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Friday September 6th 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Saturday September 7th 9:30am – 12:30pm
Parents making full-payment may register online or during scheduled registration times.  There is a $25 discount for making full-payment as long as registration is completed by the Registration Deadlines:  18u TRAVEL MIDGETS – September 10th, HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE – September 14th, and HOUSE LEAGUE – September 25th.  For those not making full-payment, we offer a payment plan consisting of 3 payments—1/3rd at registration, 1/3rd payment on October 15th and 1/3rd payment on November 15th 2013. This is for all divisions excluding Adult.
A $50 Sibling Discount is offered for each additional sibling registered (e.g. 1st sibling pays full-fee).  There is only one sibling discount per additional sibling.  To receive the Sibling Discount, siblings must be registered together and at the same time.  Registration must also be completed by the registration deadline to receive a Sibling Discount.  Sibling Discounts can be obtained when registering on-line or during scheduled Registration events.  Note: Online registrations does not show the Sibling Discount(s) in the Cart during checkout, but your credit card statement will reflect the discount.     
Adult League Registration Information
Registration with both Mid-South Ice House and USA Hockey are required prior to a player taking the ice (USA Hockey Registration must be completed online).  Adult players may register online or at the facility.  All Adult League registrations require payment-in-full.
USA Hockey Registration:
USA Hockey Registration is required to play House, Travel, High School, and Adult hockey.  USA Hockey registration is a prerequisite for Mid-South Ice House hockey registration.  A copy of a valid USA Hockey card or the verification email received upon USA Hockey registration will be required before taking the ice.  The link for USA Hockey online registration is:  https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/register_form_input.action    
Mid-South Ice House Online Registration:
Once USA Hockey registration is done, Mid-South Ice House online hockey registration can begin.  Instructions are as follows:
  • Click on the following link: http://www.frontline-connect.com/programleague.cfm?fac=midsouth&facid=1&levelid=0&seasonid=0&dateid=0&programid=7&uid=0
  • Move cursor over box “Programs Registration” and select “Adult League” or “Youth League”.
  • Click the “Click Here to Register” button.
  • Click the division or league you want to registering for.
  • Click “Individual” beside the division you are registering for (note: the price shows the gross amount before any discounts).
  • At the login screen, either login or select the “Create Account” button.  If logging in, enter your email and password and click “Sign In”.  If creating a new account, complete the information and click the “Save + Log In” button at the bottom.
  • After signing-in, select the “Team” you are registering for (you may also change the division for which you are registering by selecting the “Change” button).  Note: Adult Registration shows “No team assigned,” so there is no “Team” to select.  After selecting the “Team”, check the box next to the participant(s) you want to register for that division.  If you haven’t created any participants, you can create a new participant by clicking the “Create New Participant” button.  When creating a new participant, you do not need to complete the boxes “Preferred Team”, “Previous Team, and “Preferred Jersey No:” as we do not use or accumulate this information.  If you need to edit the information for a participant, click the word “edit” next to that participant and enter corrected information.  Once the box(es) beside the name(s) you are registering are checked, click “+ Add Selected Participants to Cart”.  If you are registering a player for more than one division, or if you are registering players in different divisions, click the “Change” button, which will give you the option of selecting the division for which you want to register your next participant.  If you are registering for multiple leagues (e.g. Youth League and Adult League), hover your mouse over “Programs Registration”, select the league, and then add participant(s) as already described.
  • After you select “Go to cart” you may “Remove” a participant, “Complete Purchase”, or “Register for another program”.
  • Remember, Sibling Discounts will not show in your Cart, but will be awarded when your credit card transaction is processed.
  • Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an emailed receipt.
  • Proof of USA Hockey registration (USA Hockey Card or emailed receipt from USA Hockey) is required to complete registration and must be submitted prior to participant taking the ice.
For more information about hockey at Mid-South Ice House, go to www.midsouthicehouse.com or contact Randy Murphy at hockey@midsouthicehouse.com.

Birth Years: 2005 and 2006’s.
Games and Practices: 44 Total Ice Touches.
  • Pre Season Evaluations Sunday September 29th 8:00am - 9:00am (please check in and arrive at 7:15am).
  • 28  Practices 50 minutes (USA Hockey ADM model Skill development based).
  • 12 Games – 1 hour (All teams show and play USA Hockey cross ice ADM model games).
  • 4 TPH – 50 minute Skills Sessions.
  •  Official MSIH/TPH Jerseys and Socks provided.
  • Head Coach/Assistant Coaches.
  • Games and Practices will be primarily Wednesdays and Sundays Beginning
October 13th 2013 concluding March 30th 2014 (Always check MSIH schedule).
  • Registration Fee: $519.00/paid in full  $544.00/payment plan.
Birth Years:  2003 and 2004’s.
Games and Practices:  41 Total Ice Touches.
  • Pre Season Evaluations Sunday September 29th 9:15am – 10:15am (please check in and arrive at 8:30am).
  • 29 Practices/TPH Skills Sessions - 1 hour (USA Hockey ADM model skill development based).
  • 12 Games - 1 hour(Full Ice).
  • Official MSIH/TPH Jerseys and Socks provided.
  • Games and Practices will be primarily Sundays and Wednesdays Beginning Sunday October 13th 2013 and concluding Saturday March 22, 2014.
  • Registration Fee: $639.00/paid in full  $664.00/payment plan.
Birth Years:  1999, 2000, 2001, 2002
Games and Practices:  41 Total Ice Touches.
  • Pre Season Evaluations Sunday September 29th 10:30am – 11:30am.
  • 29 Practices/TPH Skills Sessions - 1 hour  (USA Hockey ADM model skill development based).
  • 12 Games - 1 hour.
  • Official MSIH/TPH Jersey and Socks provided.
  • Games and Practices will primarily be Tuesday’s and Saturday’s Beginning Tuesday October 15th 2013 and concluding Saturday March 29th 2014.
  • Registration Fee:  $659.00/paid in full  $684.00/payment plan.
Tennessee and Mississippi High School Students.
Games and Practices:  33 Total Ice Touches plus State Tournament for top two 2 teams, pre-season evaluations, checking clinics, and All Star night.
  • Pre Season Evaluations Sunday September 8th 2013  8:00am – 9:00am (returning players) 9:15am – 10:15am (new players).
  • Checking Clinics (required).
  • 18 practices.
  • 15 Games.
  • State Tournament.
  • All Star Game and showcase.
  • Games and Practices will primarily take place on Monday’s and Thursday’s beginning Thursday October 10th .
  • Practice format will consist of 1 hour (30 minutes full ice, 30 minutes shared ice).
  • Games will be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.
  • All Jersey’s purchased separately through Mitch Mclain at Gear up Sports mmclain@aptcommerce.com .
  • One Registration Fee (includes Team Fees*): $ 919.00/paid in full  $944.00/payment plan
* “Team Fees”  go toward end of season banquets, trophies and awards, and other items specific to individual teams.  Mid-South Ice House will determine team amounts based on the number of players for each team.  Team managers will submit the various team-related costs to Mid-South Ice House for payment or reimbursement. 
Birth Years:  1995 and Younger.
Games and Practices:  59 Total Ice Touches.
  • 35 Practices.
  • 14 TPH Skills Sessions.
  • 8  Game home Schedule, 3 away weekends, 1 tournament (potential friendly games).
  • $1414.00/paid in full  $1439.00/payment plan.
Travel Director: Mike Little ms_bowhunt2213@yahoo.com
Head Coach: Pat Chambers ppchambers@mmm.com
Assistant Coach: Derek Colby derek.leonard.colby@gmail.com
Assistant Coach: Josh Jones jjhawks87@yahoo.com
Levels:   Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Games:13 guaranteed games with a potential 14th final (based on # teams in a division).
Registration:   $280.00.
Additional Information:  TPH will provide chalk talk sessions and hold Q and A sessions with Bronze and Silver level teams prior to selected games.
  • All players will require USA Hockey Registration www.usahockeyregistartion.com
  • New Players are encouraged to attend our Learn To Play Hockey program
  • Equipment- Full equipment is required and not provided by the arena
  • Please be aware all schedule events are subject to change (please refer to MSIH schedule prior to all scheduled ice times)
  • All questions please contact Director of Hockey Randy Murphy at 256.348.7984 or hockey@midsouthicehouse.com


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